Are you practicing to win at volleyball? Chances are if you are reading this article you may be looking for new ideas to help your team get to the next level – the winning level. Here are a few suggestions:

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Set Your Goals. Remember to be realistic. If your volleyball team went 0-17 last year it is likely not realistic to assume you will completely fix things in one year and go 17-0 this year. Goals should be attainable. So that you establish a positive culture of reaching a goal. Each year set new, attainable goals so your athletes start to experience positive feelings of success.

Formulate A Plan. There is a plethora of online resources about how to formulate a plan  – use the most reputable ones such as fitness and sport professionals and devote some time to formulating your plan with your assistant coaches. Create milestones along the way and discuss why they were not met so you can improve next time.

Train Regularly. No one will win at volleyball if they don’t have a good training schedule. True there is such a thing as over training, however, generally speaking a team that trains one day/week cannot reasonably expect to compete against a team that practices 4 days/week. Ensure ALL your athletes attend training as every person has a role to fill on the team. If one is missing, training suffers. Commit to the training.

Incorporate Drills. Volleyball, like any other sport, requires repetition of movement. Creating muscle memory is key to an excellent spike and having explosive ability to block can only be attained through the repetition of drills. Using a volleyball machine to help simulate game like conditions is key to success and will enable athletes to be able to practice by themselves.

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Use the Best Training Equipment. We don’t use deflated volleyballs to practice with so why wouldn’t we use the best equipment we can possibly find to help advance our game? “The Storm” by Kinisi Sports helps you perfect digs/bumps, passing/volleys, spiking, blocking, setting, returning serves, movement and footwork. Imagine how fast your game can improve by using a tool that places the ‘set’ in perfect position every time so you can focus on your technique. 

Study the Movements of Professionals. There is a reason they are professionals. They are good. Don’t dismiss the countless hours they have spent practicing. How does Tom Brady become the most prolific passer in the history of football? He practices his footwork for thousands of hours. Grab film. Study it. Use it to your advantage and study your opponents before they study you.

Advance Your Volleyball Game.

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